Newport HT50 Transport Ventilator

The Newport HT50 is a compact ventilator for transport, hospital, homecare and emergency response applications. Suitable for > 10kg infant, pediatric and adult patients for invasive or non-invasive ventilation, the HT50 is easy to use and very versatile.

The Newport HT50 Ventilator is compact, lightweight, provides unsurpassed reliability, and is self-contained. Its comprehensive, versatile features meet the demands of almost any healthcare setting. Suitable for both pediatric (10kg) and adult patients for invasive or non-invasive ventilation, it’s easy to use and inexpensive to maintain.

The HT50 Ventilator is the value leader in transport ventilators. With its rugged construction, easy trigger sensitivity, and fast re-charge from AC or external DC, the HT50 Ventilator is ideally suited for extended care, transport, hospital and homecare applications.

Features of the Newport HT50 Ventilator:

– Volume or Pressure Control Ventilation
– Invasive or Non-Invasive Ventilation
– Pressure Support
– Back-up Ventilation
– PEEP/CPAP, Built-in
– Comprehensive Alarms/Monitoring
– One circuit for adult, child and infant patients.
– Up to 10 hours internal battery, long lasting with fast recharge
– Unique Gas Delivery System Requires No External Air Compressor

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Newport Medical HT50 Ventilator – Works Great! – Inspected & Tested on 4/6/20!


Condition: Used

Price: US $2,375.00
$99 for 24 months

Seller Notes:
“Ventilator works great with no issues. Fresh SLA and NiMH batteries, new inlet filter, and complete electrical safety testing. Comes with calibration/operational verification with documentation by OEM trained Biomedical Technician. This has some signs of cosmetic wear but is fully functional and shows no mechanical defects of any kind.”

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Newport HT50 Ventilator


Condition: Used

Price: US $3,499.99
$146 for 24 months

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